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Miss Bettie Blue- retro rv

Bettie is the blue trailer and resides next to our other vacation rental trailer Darling Daisy. There may be guests staying in Daisy during your stay, so please be careful only to use your designated parking spot and yard area to prevent disturbing other guests who are in close proximity. When checking into the RV please be mindful of noise and be respectful of other guests in close proximity.

ADDRESS: The address is 1298 Bermuda Lane, El Cajon 92021. Your GPS might not take you to the correct area so please pay close attention to the directions.

DIRECTIONS: Address is 1298 Bermuda Lane, El Cajon 92021

We are located on a private road right off Bermuda Lane. Take 8 east to El Cajon. Exit on Greenfield Drive. Head South onto Greenfield Drive. Quick left on Bermuda Lane. Look for the mailbox on the left side that says 1298 and make a left up the private road there. Come up the road and veer to the right at the fork. You will see Bettie Blue (The blue trailer) to your right and can park on the asphalt area right in front of Bettie. Please be sure to park your car completely off the roundabout driveway.

PARKING: You will have one designated parking spot to the left, in front of the trailer with a sign indicating it is for guests of Bettie Blue. If you have more than one vehicle you must park on the street and walk up the hill. No parking is allowed in the Darling Daisy designated spot at any time.

RV ENTRY: Follow the flamingo-marked pathway to your trailer. There is a smart lock on the RV door. Your combo is 2323. To enter the RV simply type the combo on the keypad and press the button with the UNLOCK symbol on it. You will hear the lock mechanism unlock the door and you can now enter using the door handle. To lock the RV when you leave, press and hold the LOCK button and you will hear the door mechanism lock.

If you get locked out, there is a key hidden in a small box near the propane tanks by the trailer.

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