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The Pearl Palace Parking pic.jpg

ADDRESS: The address is 2232 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, CA 92107. It is a yellow apartment right next to a gorgeous Toucan mural. When you are coming in on Sunset Cliffs Blvd, you will make a quick right onto Lotus Street. The house will be to your immediate left where you can pull into the driveway and park to the LEFT.

PARKING: Your designated parking spot is located in a SHARED driveway. Your parking spot is on the LEFT only. Please park your car straight and pull all the way up to the little white house in front of you. Please note that this is a shared driveway and the parking spot to the right belongs to our neighbors who live in the turquoise house. Please do not block our neighbor's parking spot or hinder them from entering or exiting the driveway.

ENTRY TO THE GATE: Once parked, you will see a brown gate to your left. Pull the white string to open the gate. You will see the white entry door to the Pearl Palace directly to your left.

ENTRY TO THE HOME: We have a Smart lock on the front door. The entry code is 1502 PLUS the # key. To unlock the door, first tap the keypad anywhere to wake it up. You will see the backlight come on. Enter the code, then press the # key. You will hear the lock unlock and the Smartlock will announce that it is unlocked. You may now enter the home. To lock the Smartlock, simply press and hold the # key. If you have any problems, call Atalanta at 619-208-3232. During rainy or cold months, the door may swell. Please pull the door closed securely and give it a little wiggle to make sure it locks properly. We have a key hidden in a lockbox on the gate just to the right of the front door if you have any problems with the Smartlock or get locked out. The combo to that lockbox is also 3232. Please replace the key in the lockbox once you have entered the home if used.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All the information you need for the Pearl Palace is located in the Welcome Book in the entryway. Please read it carefully! We have also provided a separate welcome book for guests bringing doggies. Please be sure to read this one if you are bringing your furry friend, it is full of important info.

Check in: Please text or call Atalanta at 619-208-3232 when you arrive.


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